« Hors Pistes » means thinking outside the box, accepting unexpected discoveries, changing perspectives. It’s overcoming preconceived ideas, escaping one’s comfort zone, opening horizons and being surprised. It’s going through paths we didn’t suspect, paths which make us grow up and learn.

Most opportunities through the European Solidarity Corps are cross-border volunteering activities. These projects are an excellent opportunity to help where needed, learn new skills, spend time abroad, maybe learn a language – and definitely come back with unforgettable memories. Individual volunteering allows you to contribute to the daily work of an organisation that is actively benefiting the local community.

The applications are now closed. Contact us to know about future opportunities

Contact us on : volontariat@hors-pistes.org

Get to know more about volunteering with the example of Francesca’s experience!
Deborah tells us how volunteering allows you to learn and develop yourself!

Hors Pistes develops educational projects on an international and local scale (follow the links or contact us to know more about it):

– European Solidarity Corps (sending, receiving and coordinating young people in european volunteering) especially in schools 

Internship abroad for learners of vocational training (sending interns currently pursuing a diploma in the field of youth, non-formal education and sport)

Intercultural youth exchanges (sending and hosting)

European training for professionals (sending and hosting)

Training and workshop facilitation (pedagogical programs tailored according to needs  for professionals or youngsters by our pool of 6 trainers)

Strategic partnership of Erasmus+ programme  to foster the inclusion of young people through international mobility

– cultural, social, linguistic, ecological projects and awareness raising at local scale

The team consists of 9 employees and 4 to 6 volunteers (ESC and French civic service).


You are an organisation active in the field of education and youth? Work with Hors Pistes!

Contact : marseille@hors-pistes.org

Previous participants in our activities tell you about it!

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