Who are we?

Hors Pistes is an association based on non-formal education, founded in 2013 and situated in Marseille.

« Off piste », it means thinking outside the box, accepting unexpected discoveries, changing perspectives. It’s about overcoming the ideas preconceived by others than oneself, to escape from one’s comfort zone, to open one’s horizons and to be surprised. It’s about taking paths that we did not suspect existed, but that make us grow and learn.

Hors Pistes develops educational projects on an international and local scale:

– sending, receiving and coordinating young people in european volunteering

– internship opportunities abroad for job seekers

– intercultural youth exchanges

– intercultural training for professionals

– local trainings open to everyone

– local training and tailored support for professional

– pedagogical sessions and tailored workshops for youngsters

– social inclusion projects at the local scale

– linguistic projects

– other training, awareness raising and facilitation sessions for a diverse audience

The team consists of 9 employees and 4 to 6 volunteers (ESC and French civic service). Our network also brings together dozens of volunteers active in the field of non-formal education.

We are part of international networks (eg Anna Lindh Foundation) and we work closely with associative and institutional partners in Europe and the Mediterranean.

The association is part of the CAMI, « Coordination of actors of international mobility ».

Finally, Hors Pistes is an association affiliated to the Léo Lagrange Federation, any member of the association also becomes a member of the Federation and enjoys the benefits associated with it.

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