« Les AteLIENS » is a project that aims to foster social inclusion by accompanying young people at risk of marginalisation throughout a process of participatory learning, empowerment, personal development and skills enhancement.

By following a training session and individualized tutoring, the young people involved have the opportunity to share with others certain skills that are not easily recognized in formal education systems and in the work market.

They will learn how to use their individual and collective ressources in order to contribute for the constitution of a more inclusive society, where all the members are considered a source of learning and exchange. 

Project’s phases:

First phase (2 months)

6 workshops are organized by Hors Pistes  trainers in order to get to know each other, collective exchange on social inclusion and human rights, discover and promotion of the individual and collective competences within the group.

Second phase (4 months)

Setting up workshops facilitated by the participants and open to the local community, aimed at sharing the skills identified during the first phase of the project.

The Hors Pistes team supports the group in the preparation, implementation and facilitation of the workshops through a mentoring system.

Third phase (1 month)

The evaluation of the project allows the participants to assess the impact of the project (development of self-confidence, experience of facilitation, collective dynamics) and to define together the basis of a new project or initiative of social inclusion, this time coordinated only by the participants, with the support of Hors Pistes.

Project dates: August 2020 – June 2021

Project financed by the Service Vie Associative – Fonds pour le Développement de la vie associative 2020 – Catégorie “Projet Innovant” – DRDJS .

For more information, please contact the « AteLIENS » team at ateliens@hors-pistes.org.