KA2 strategic partnership of Erasmus+ programme  to foster the inclusion of young people through international mobility


We are six organisations, active at European level and together with six associated local partners and local youngsters, we worked together, starting from the needs of young people with fewer opportunities, to implement inclusive short-term mobility projects.

Our intent was to develop a higher level of inclusion and connection between different fields of youth work (local, international) and to develop mobility programs with young people, rather than on their behalf.

The project’s main aim was to foster the inclusion of young people through international mobility.

Our 3 specific objectives were:

  • to strengthen trans-sectoral cooperation in youth work through an international network for sharing good practices on inclusion and on sustainability
  • empower young people and raise youth workers’ competences
  • design and evaluate quality bottom-up projects for short-term international mobilities

In order to achieve this, the partners gathered for: 

  • A kick-off meeting in Marseille, France in July 2021
  • A midterm transnational meeting in Terrassa, Spain in April 2022
  • A final meeting in Baia Mare, Romania in January 2023


The core of the project was the “Learning, Teaching and Training Activity” in 2 phases. It involved 23 youth workers, youth leaders and youth participants coming from our 6 countries. It was composed of : 

  • a training course in January 2022 to share common reflections on the topics of the project, to build our community of practice by thinking and designing the inclusive mobility projects
  • a training course in January 2023 to share about the experiences, harvest the learning and reflect on the future of the Kiwi Community.

The outputs we produced throughout the project : 

  • A diagnostic of obstacles to access international mobility projects
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  • 6 short mobility projects, entirely developed and implemented within the partnership, the local partners and the young participants in the KA2 project lifespan (July 2022 – April 2023)
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  • A booklet as result of the long term cooperation, to put into practice some new tools and tips to improve the level of participation and involvement of young people with fewer opportunities.


  • a short series of video tutorials available on Youtube, focusing on how to organise inclusive mobility projects


  • if you want to have a glimpse of a youth exchange, here is the video from our project « Kiwis 4 Future »


Please be aware that the work we have done is not meant to be exhaustive and that we know that a lot of work and effort is still needed by many actors and in many directions more than what we achieved within the framework of this project. 

This is also one of the reasons pushing us to share our experiences with you and to receive new inputs on your side, in the hope to support the development of your organisations and of the youthwork field in Europe (and hopefully beyond!), as well as to broaden our Kiwi Community!


The European consortium involved in the project:

  • Hors Pistes, Marseille, France
  • La Vibria Intercultural, Terrassa, Spain
  • ServiceBureau Jugendinfo, Bremen, Germany
  • AC Patria, Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Associazione Culturale Eufemia APS, Torino, Italy
  • Team4Youth Association, Baia Mare, Romania