Introduction to language and culture in schools

Hors Pistes regularly works with schools and colleges in particular in order to raise awareness among students about foreign languages and cultures. A team of young international volunteers is directly involved in the classroom with pupils in order to perform interactive animations and games, everything happens in a foreign language.

The languages we regularly offer are: Italian, Spanish, English and German. Other languages are also possible depending on the volunteers we welcome.

We offer this action since 2013, it was developed in partnership with the Department of Var, which wished to promote the teaching practices of foreign language learning in middle schools.

These interventions can be organized in week-long sessions at the school. For example, in 2016, we intervened 5 middle schools, each time for a full week of activities. In total, out of these 5 schools, approximately 3,000 students attended and participated in these interventions.

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