Intercultural mentoring 2014 – 2019

The intercultural mentoring is a program conducted between 2014 and 2019 and whose aim was to allow encounter between migrant people arriving in Marseille and locals. Each pair decided to take a few steps in the same direction and learnt how to live together.

Objective of intercultural mentoring


Intercultural mentoring is a space for exchange and dialogue between a person with a migrant background (mentee) and a ‘local’ (mentor). The project aims at promoting intercultural dialog, participation and social inclusion. Il offers an opportunity accessible to anyone wishing to get involved as an active citizen.


Our approach of mentoring programs supporting the inclusion of migrants

Individualised follow-up

P1080373The specificity of this mentoring practise is the parallel between individualised and collective dimension : the mentee can find a specific support for his/her personal needs through the mentor follow-up. Together, the mentoring pair defines needs, sets up objectives and build up a project, according their interests and the skills of the people involved.


                – Community management and team spirit

23905301_1029215797257537_4432025861925413853_nBeyond the mentoring pair, the collective dimension of the program is an essential resource for mutualising and exchanging. All along the program, we maintain group dynamics through ice-breaking activities, and encourage a relationship based on mutual help and trust. We encourage the mentors and mentees to form themselves as a community, and to create bridges between each other’s communities and networks.


– Positive approach of diversity

longchamp1A space where the people are put together through difference, but where difference is transformed into a positive factor, a complementarily appealing for interaction and taking actions, in order to find solutions through collective strength. Mentees and mentors become share a potential of action for of their own success and future, they are called to find solutions to the needs they identify, using methods they can reuse throughout their lives.





The mentoring program implemented by Hors Pistes lays its roots and methodology in the outcomes of the MentorPower project : a partnership between organisations from different countries, who got into a collective reflection about the practise of mentoring. The aim was to make their practices evolve in order to develop a pilot program adapted to the needs of young migrants.


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