Intercultural Youth Exchanges

Hors Pistes develops educational projects based on the principles of non formal education since 2013, always in cooperation with our local and/or international partners. We regularly send learners abroad through youth exchanges and training courses and we host 1-2 youth exchange/training courses per year.

We see mobility as a path, and we propose a tailored preparation and follow-up for our participants. Each year we support around 50 young people to take part in a youth exchange or training course experience. Our organisation gives priority to projects with a high level of accessibility.

For every group travelling abroad for a youth exchange, we provide them with the specific preparation, particularly the linguistic and intercultural preparation. We also take care of the organisation of the trip and we buy the tickets for their trip.

Each year we organise a 2 days training course for youth leaders willing to take part in youth exchanges. We offer this opportunity to the young people in our region since 2014 so we developed a whole methodology about leadership through non formal education.


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