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Because often, a video is worth a thousand words, we propose you to discover our activities in pictures! The page is updated over the video additions, come back to see us from time to time 🙂

Words Matter 2 intercultural exchange!

From 27th june to 5th july 2019, Hors Pistes association hosted the intercultural exchange « Words Matter 2 » which gather around 30 participants from Georgia, Egypt, Tunisia, Italy and France to talk about non-violent communication.

Volunteers’ integration week : Book your EVS!

Eight volunteers just landed in France to start they volunteering mission. They come from Spain, Turkey, Lithuania, Germany, Greece and Italy. This video is an overview of their first week in Marseille for the project called « Book your EVS ». Hors Pistes, the coordinating association, organised this integration week before they start their missions

Life is a game … Play the volunteer card!

Browse this interactive video and meet European volunteers who volunteered in the south of France in 2017-2018!

Connecting Memories

In May 2018, teachers and social workers from Germany, Spain, Finland and Poland met in Marseille to exchange practices on the theme of « the culture of memory ».

In this context, they made sound postcards on Marseille, to listen here!

Rec’On the future, backstage!

Rec’On is a 2016 training course for 27 youth professionals from Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Spain and France. Participants (aged 18 – 25) from South West Europe and the Balkan region had the opportunity to get involved in intercultural dialogue by creating short films. Thus, by speaking the universal language of art, young people were able to discuss their points of view in a creative way, and demonstrate solidarity and intercultural citizenship. Welcome backstage!

RurAlternative: at the crossroads between rural and international!

RurAlternative is a youth exchange organized by Hors Pistes from 1 to 10 October 2017. The participants, from France, Italy and Romania, share their experience in video! More info here


Words Matter – Intercultural Exchange

Words Matter is an intercultural youth exchange organized in July 2017 by Hors Pistes. The exchange, as its name suggests, focused on communication and more specifically on non-violent communication. It brought together people from France, Italy, Tunisia, Egypt, Georgia and Croatia, in total we were almost 50 people (participants, facilitators, kitchen team).

Find the testimony of the people present in French here, and that of the Egyptian participants (in English) there! Video side, we start with a global overview of the exchange and a video a day for a real immersion in the world of intercultural exchanges!

Words Matter : day 1

Words Matter : day 2

Words Matter : day 3

Words Matter : day 4&5

Words Matter : day 6

Words Matter : day 7

Carte Blanche

« Carte Blanche » is an intercultural exchange where young people, theater and their voices will be the protagonists. Two groups of 10 young people, one from France and the other from Palestine, will meet for two moments: First for two weeks in September 2016 in Marseille and a second time for another two weeks in November in Nablus. The goal is to discuss the theme and issues of freedom of expression through theater.

Preparation for departure for Pôle Emploi trainees

The association Hors Pistes, in partnership with Parcours Le Monde South East and Pôle Emploi PACA, offers Erasmus + internship opportunities lasting three or six months in Europe. Before leaving, they all participated in two days of intercultural, linguistic and administrative preparation at the Regional Youth Information Center of Marseilles animated by our two associations.

Trainees are back today, here are their written testimonials. To learn more about internships, it’s here.

The Euro’Volunteers

A life experience, celebrations around sport, an intercultural atmosphere and a touch of madness … Here is a beautiful video portrait of the EVS experience of the eight young Europeans who were welcomed in Marseille by the associations Hors Pistes (at the Mediterranean Solidarity Tracks) and Eurocircle! From Italy, Spain, Croatia, Romania and Portugal, they volunteered around the theme of sport and participated in the animation of activities during the Euro Football Cup. 2016. Andrei tells us more about his volunteering experience in this article. By the way, what is EVS? Answer here.

Training in documentary video: Rec’On the Future

Rec’on the Future is a 2016 event held in Prizren (Kosovo) for 27 youth professionals from Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, from Romania, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Spain and France. They have the opportunity to pass on a message and engage in intercultural dialogue, creating short films. More info here!

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