Hosting an international volunteer in your organisation

Hosting an international volunteer is a rewarding experience for both the volunteer and the hosting organization.

For the volunteer:

  • International volunteering is a life experience.
  • Volunteering makes it possible to discover other cultures, to meet other people from different countries.
  • Discover and experience an active citizenship by making oneself useful to others
  • Volunteering is a real preparation for the integration into professional life. While participating in an international volunteering program, volunteers acquire many competences (learning a foreign language, as well as technical, social, civic competences…) that they can reuse in their  socio-professional pathway

For the hosting organization, :

  • It contributes to the international dynamics of the organization,
  • It allows to develop specific projects related to intercultural relations, values, European citizenship…
  • It allows to  build new partnerships at local and European level,
  • It enriches projects in their linguistic and cultural dimensions.

International volunteering is based on a partnership with several stakeholders : the youth, the sending organization, the coordinating organization and the hosting organization.

Hors Pistes is accreditated as a coordinating, sending and hosting organization for ESC projects and also works with the Service Civique program. We support various organizations in their plan to welcome international volunteers.

Our support is the following:

  • Support in defining the missions of the volunteers and in writing the application for ESC accreditation
  • Applying for the grant and writing the final report
  • Help in the process of volunteers’ selection
  • External tutoring and collective meetings between volunteers
  • Support to the logistical and administrative preparation

The Hors Pistes team is available to support new organizations in the south of France.

Contact us on or at

The list of organizations accompanied by Hors Pistes:

Marseille : Youth center CRIJPA, La Gare Franche Theater, Marseille city library, Culture du coeur 13 association, Charles Peguy high school

Gardanne :  Valabre agriculture high school

Avignon : Mistral school

Manosque : Eclat de Lire Association, Les Iscles high school, Esclangon high school, Giono medium school, twin cities service DLVA

Aix-en-Provence : housing association ALPA, Cézannz high school, Vauvenargues high school

Vitrolles : Bosco medium high school

Nice : Francophonia

Canne : Gérard Philippe medium high school