Trainings in Europe and the in Mediterranean area

The intercultural trainings and seminars allow social workers, socio-cultural facilitators, students, youth leaders and volunteers to live a mobility experience, to meet their European counterparts, to create bridges between their local work and an European approach of the world of youth. They thus become multipliers of this enriching experience and bring new visions and energy to their practices.

What kind of activities are carried out during a training?

The activities are interactive and participatory in order to allow the exchange and sharing among participants. They are based on popular and non-formal education. Each training has its own theme, for example : intercultural animation, inclusion of young migrants, documentary video as a pedagogical tool, fighting against hate speech, conflict resolution…

The participants in the trainings come from different countries, so each training allows to live an intercultural experience. The informal time spent exchanging with other participants about their work context is an integral part of the learning strategy proposed in the trainings.

How much does it cost to participate ?

Every person who participates in a training course in Europe or in the Mediterranean must be a member of the Hors Pistes association, in particular to be covered by the association’s insurance. The membership is 10€ minimum, and is valid for one calendar year. If you take part in several activities of the association during the year, the membership is to be paid only once.

Participation fees are added to the membership fee.

  • If you participate as an individual, the amount of the registration fee varies according to the host country of the training.
    100 € for countries neighboring France,
    120 € for other European countries, 
    140 € for countries outside Europe such as the Caucasus, the Mediterranean and the Balkans.
  • If your organization pays the registration fee, the amount is 250 €.

The trainings are financed partly by the European Commission within the framework of the “Erasmus +” program. Activities, meals and accommodation on site are covered, and transportation costs are covered by a lump sum.

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