Intercultural Exchanges

The intercultural exchanges provide groups of young people from different countries with the opportunity to meet and get to know each other better.

The purpose of an exchange is to open an intercultural dialogue between all participants of different nationalities and cultures.

These meetings take place outside of school, university or vocational training. Exchanges have an educational purpose and require involvement of young people at all stages of the project.

Watch the video of the exchange RurAlternative to put you in the exchange mood !

Intercultural exchanges, who is it for?

Exchanges are open to young people from 13 to 30 years old, living in Europe or in the neighborhood of Europe (Mediterranean, Balkans, Caucasus …). However, each exchange has its specific age range which is indicated in the article.


It’s hapening all year long and especially during the school holidays. Intercultural exchanges last between 6 days and 2 weeks on average.


Hors Pistes is a partner of organizations throughout Europe and the Mediterranean area. Together, we conceive and organize projects.

The group of young people who travel from France (between 4 and 10 people in general) is accompanied by a “youth leader” who speaks English and whose mission is to ensure the smooth running of the trip of his group, as well as to facilitate communication and everyone’s participation in the exchange. There is no age requirement to be a youth leader.

What activities are performed during an exchange?

The activities are educational, interactive, participatory. They match the theme of the exchange, which can relate to : sustainable development, culture, inter-religious dialogue, sport, journalism, nature , theater, music, communication, human rights, citizenship, identity, etc.

In addition, each exchange allows for an intercultural experience.

How much does it cost to participate?

The registration  fee is 100 € for the neighbouring countries of France, 120 € for the other countries of Europe and 140 € for the countries outside Europe like the region of the Caucasus, the Mediterranean or the Balkans.

Added to this is the annual membership to the association: 10 € minimum.

Expenses for international travel and stay (meals and accommodation) are fully covered.

The “youth leader” is exempt from the participation fee, it only pays membership fees.

There may be a contribution to the transport costs if they exceed the budget allocated by the European Commission. Tell us about your potential funding difficulties and we will look for ways to facilitate your participation.

Registration and commitment

Contact us and state your interest and the name of the project. We will send you the registration documents according to the available places.

Participating in an intercultural exchange involves attending pre-departure meetings and a return assessment.

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