Our activities in 2017

To get a glimpse on our activities, find below a (non-exhaustive) list of the projects coordinated by the organisation in 2017:

RurAlternative [FR]

22489760_470693773287116_8304755702976213113_nRurAlternative was a Youth Exchange organised in october 2017 in the Alps, in a eco-friendly accomodation center called ECOLOC. Its gathered 21 young people from Italy, France and Romania.

The main aim of this project is to give a real first mobility opportunity for young people with fewer opportunities, discover the rural life and at the same time be able to understand each other using our latine mother tongues and improve our english.


Words Matter

words matter photoWords Matter was a Youth Exchange organised in july 2017 on the topic of communication. The exchange included activities exploring the power of words through role games,
simulation, theater, discussion and intercultural learning. It gathered 36 participants from Egypt, Italy, France, Croatia, Georgia and Tunisia.


Intercultural Mentoring


The organisation is coordinating an intercultural mentoring program : a space for exchange and dialogue between a person with a migrant background (mentee) and a ‘local’ (mentor). The project aims at promoting intercultural dialog, participation and social inclusion. Il offers an opportunity accessible to anyone wishing to get involved as an active citizen.


Hosting european volunteers in France [FR]

EquipesHors Pistes is accredited as a coordinating organisation for EVS and accompanies other organisations in their hosting project to welcome volunteers.


Tandem workshop (Pédalangues project) [FR]

P1030823Tandem workshops are proposed (Pedalangues project), their objectives is to promote and develop languages skills of our volunteers, using already existing ressources in our community. The volunteers are trained to teach other languages using the tandem methodology.


Internships [FR]

16831858_10208713165842944_8493271556571052917_nBy the end of 2017, about 30 job seekers were prepared for starting an internship abroad for 3 or 6 months in various european companies. They have the opportunity to live an experience in a professional environement in Portugal, Spain, Italy, the UK, Germany or even Malta!


We are also partners on :

Learning Zone


The aim of the project is to develop an didactic strategy to support the acquisition of key competences in newly-arrived migrants and refugees, to facilitate their inclusion to the host society.