Our activities in 2016

In 2016, the organisation prepared for a big change… We ended the year with the name of  Pistes Solidaires Méditerranée, but, at dawn for the new year of 2017, we adopted a new name : Hors Pistes!

To get a glimpse on our activities, find below a (non-exhaustive) list of the projects coordinated by the organisation in 2017:

Rec’On the Future


It’s a training that happened in 2016, for 27 professionals from Balkans and western Europe. They had the chance to get involved into intercultural dialogue  through creating short documentary films about Prizren, in Kosovo, on the city, its inhabitants, its traditions and way of life.



mp_reflectionmeeting_fr_parrainsfilleuls_1The project aims to pilot a model of « Engagement Mentoring », an innovative and sustainable program for migrant youth aged 16 – 25, for a two year period (2015 – 2017). The objective is to facilitate their integration, in particular on the labour market, through mentoring.

It was an international cooperation project, a « strategic partnership » founded by Erasmus+. It ended by the publication of a guide for mentoring program managers.


Mov’Euro [FR]

14012605_1468299279863747_2031778105_oHors Pistes coordinated the project MOV’Euro, for hosting 4 european volunteers in Marseille from avril to september 2016. The volunteers participated in activities related to Marseille – the european capital of sport 2016.



Internships [FR]


In 2016, the organisation offered opportunities to job seekers to do an internships in companies abroad for 3 or 6 months in 6 different european countries.

You can take a look at their preparation day in video, just before departure


Carte Blanche [FR]

image carte blanche

“Carte Blanche” is an intercultural exchange in which youngsters, theatre and their voices are the characters. Two groups of 10 youngsters, one from France and one from Palestine, met twice and ended their encounter with a theatre show in Marseille.