Become a volunteer

You wish to become a volunteer for Hors Pistes? it’s great, we have plenty of opportunities to get involved with us!

  • Become a mentor for an international volunteer

Are travelling and life experiences abroad close to your heart? You would like to accompany an international volunteer who arrives in your city to show him·her all the good tips, introduce him·her to friends and share with him·her this adventure?

Volunteers are welcomed in Marseille and in several towns in the region (Fos Sur Mer, Manosque, Aix en Provence, Avignon, Nice, Vitrolles, Cannes)

  • Facilitate a workshop to share your skills

Hors Pistes often organises workshops for the public, and we are looking for volunteers to facilitate workshops. As a part of the project AteLiens, you will even have the opportunity to be trained on how to facilitate a pedagogical workshop, based on any skill that you have to share (cooking, mechanics, drawing, biology… the list is infinite!)

  • Become a Youth Leader in Youth Exchanges

In intercultural exchanges, the group of young people who travels from France (between 4 and 10 people in general) is accompanied by a « youth leader » who speaks English and French and whose task is to ensure the smooth running of the trip of his group, to facilitate communication and participation of everyone in the exchange. There is no age requirement to be a youth leader. The « youth leader » is considered a volunteer and is therefore exempt from the participation fee, he·she only pays membership fees.

The association regularly organizes training sessions for Youth Leaders in partnership with the Eurocircle association.

  • To form a tandem to learn languages

Through the coordination of international volunteering projects and local actions aimed at intercultural dialogue, Hors Pistes is an association surrounded by volunteers from all over the world! They often formulate their desire to learn languages, for example foreign volunteers welcomed in Marseille learn French, and French volunteers who are preparing to go abroad want to learn the local language. If you also want to learn a language, do not hesitate to get closer and we could find you the rare pearl to form a tandem!

  • Participate in the reception of groups (kitchen, logistics)

The association regularly organizes collective gatherings, which aim to create a dynamic of cohesion (intercultural exchanges, training, integration of new volunteers, etc.). Because sharing a meal is the best icebreaker, we often organize meals for large groups (20 to 50 people): come help us cook and participate in the logistics of shopping!

  • Participate in the organization of events

Gathering the friends of the association around a drink is a great way to boost our associative life and our network. Our aperitifs are thematic, here are some examples for inspiration: intercultural evening to discover the culture of someone, exchanging books or clothes, creating GIFs and photos in light painting, visiting a partner association to create a connection… Your ideas are welcome for the next events!

  • Become a Member of the Board

The Members of the Board  play a key role in steering the association: they meet regularly to contribute to the orientations of the association, reflect on development leads, participate in collective decision-making, support the team and the activities …

For example, find the article on the days of construction of the associative project, which brought together team and members of the Board

  • Any other good idea we have not thought of yet! 🙂

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Hors Pistes also propose training sessions for volunteers:

  • Youth leader training : to have to keys to a successful youth exchange
  • Volunteer mentor training : to accompany an international volunteer during her·his stay in Marseille or another city in the south of France