Francesco telling us about mimicry

Mimicry: the role of young generation was a nice Youth Exchange that happened in the mountains of Reggio Emilia in the Ostello dei Ballochi. This hostel is situated in the small village of Ligonchio. We had the time to do several activities both theorical and concrete around the subject of the NEETs.

A NEET is a young person that is Not in Education, Employment or Training, a person that according to the country or the personal context (among other things) is marginalized in different levels.

We discussed about different arguments and each group from the different countries presented  the NEETs situation in its own country. Some groups, like the French one, presented some solution that are offered for this people like organisation (AFEV, Hors Pistes, Mission Locale).

We also discussed about what we think are the causes and consequences of the NEET’s situation, about the Ladder of Roger Hunt (theory from a sociologist about the cooperation between the youth and the adults to implement and create projects) and we also share between groups what are the conditions of the creation of a project (Youth exchanges).

We  had some practical activities like visiting Ligonchio, discovering different projects implemented in the area, an introduction of forest therapy and the presentation of a Metado (a very old and traditional way to cook chestnuts). 

All of this with the beautiful company of a lot of snow (that give us the chance to make snowmen, snowwomen and fights!).

In total, we were 21 from Portugal, Spain, Italy and France!