There is no Revolution to make without women (publication)

The project Connecting Memories, in which Hors Pistes is a partner, is coming to an end and the consortium happily present the output of the project.


During our cooperation we have also developed educational materials. The methodological part III is based on the experiences we made during two workshops. We had jointly tested the methods presented by the partners. In an exchange on historical issues and certain events of the past, we came to the conclusion that transformation processes can continue to affect people intensively even 30 years later. We chose the events of autumn 1989 in the German Democratic Republic and partly in Eastern Europe as the material’s theme and hope that it will offer a variety of inspirations.

Take a look at the educational material « There is no Revolution to make without women »


During the project, we got inspired by our Polish partners who work with the HERstory approach. What does it mean? Inga and Edyta wrote an explanation including practical information on workshops following the HERstory method.

Connecting the HERstory approach