Pedagogical projects with high schools

The association Hors Pistes is partner of the vocational school of Cabucelle in Marseille.

The purpose of the High School and Apprenticeship Agreement (CVLA) is to offer young people the opportunity to engage and develop projects with their teachers or trainers, local life actors and with regional agents of voluntary high schools. themes such as health, sustainable development, access to culture, the discovery of the professional world, civic engagement, etc.

For the fifth year in a row, we are renewing our partnership with La Cabucelle High School.

It is a cycle of practical activities around the revegetation of their collective space that is the high school courtyard, alternating with learning sessions on gardening, the life cycle of plants, production methods (GMOs, pesticides, deforestation, water pollution, etc.). The aim is to become aware of our environment and our consumption patterns and thus to tend towards more respectful and healthy practices.