Tandem facilitation toolbox

In the winter 2017, we held a series of workshops in order to facilitate language learning in tandem pairs, among the volunteers and friends of Hors Pistes speaking different mother tongues.

Well, the bad news is that the program is ended… but the good news that the end of the workshop is only the beginning of a long history of language animation in Hors Pistes and beyond!

We made a tandem facilitation toolbox to inspire you to continue holding language tandem and language facilitation workshops. This toolbox contains many activities and tools that you can use, and also have some tips to help you in your  tandem experience.



Here is the tandem facilitation toolbox



Read the testimony of Karim, from Egypt, who participated in the language workshop and helped with the facilitation by sharing some egyptian words to the group :

« We had a great time at Hors Pistes learning new techniques to start discovering new languages and memorizing new different words through many games and activities. We also made many funny activities it was little crazy and hilarious but it was necessary to give the energy to all the participants to learn new things.

We also discovered new things about other languages and cultures for example the way of writing and reading is not always from left to right it can be from right to left or from top to bottom. And also we discover new sounds and letters in other languages that don’t exists in Latin languages family through listening to other cultures songs and radio and also through native speakers from other countries and it was very funny when we tried to do the same voices. Also we recognized how to say the time in other cultures as other countries have different ways to divide the day time. And many many more. »

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