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MentorPower is approaching mentoring with a specific angle, putting migrant youth at the centre of the reflection. If you are working in an NGO, a public body, an educational institution (or something similar) and you are considering extending the field of your activities to a mentoring programme for migrant youth; this guidebook is made for you!

The aim of the guidebook is to help you go through all the steps towards conceiving and running your own mentoring programme. The chapters will contain a lot of « questions to ask yourself », in order to identify and analyse the different aspects of your local context: your organisation, your resources, your target group, and the specificities of your geographical area…

Thus, this guidebook should not be seen as a ‘ready to use product’, with step-by-step instructions to follow. On the contrary, we would like you to tailor your own mentoring programme for migrant youth, corresponding to your own needs. The authors paid attention not to tell you ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’ when running a mentoring programme, but rather listing the possible choices and the implications involved. It’s up to you to decide what orientation to give to your programme!


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By the way, what is MentorPower? The answer in video :



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