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We are happy to introduce you the new project called LEARNING ZONE coordinated by our partner organisation from Spain, Cazalla Intercultural:


This project aims at giving an aswer to needs developed in the current migration context.

Newly-arrived migrants and refugees seeking to adapt as soon as possible to the host country usually follow language courses for foreigners, taught by educators, teachers or volunteers. We believe that these classes are the perfect place to introduce non-formal methodologies and key learning competences through lifelong learning.

The aim of the project is to develop an didactic strategy to support the acquisition of key competences in newly-arrived migrants and refugees, to facilitate their inclusion to the host society.


1. Integrate the tools of non-formal education with an empirical approach in the Educational Curriculum of Adult Education Centres with migrant and / or recent refugees learners.

3. Understand the educational needs of migrants and recent refugees in order to give them a response within the existing adult educational institutions.

2. Develop a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for teachers, guiding them through improving the necessary skills for facilitating the inclusion of newly-arrived migrants and refugees in the host society.



The methodology of the MOOC development is based on the combination of  various resources:

  • research of needs and context of immigrant students and language teachers,
  • combination of formal  and non-formal approach to develop transversal competences,
  • cross-sectoral cooperation between non-profit organizations and centers dedicated to adult education,

The strategic outcomes are: development of skills of educators, trainers and students; and cooperation of local and national networks, giving a more tailored response to the needs of learning of immigrants and refugees.

Tangible results will be: a didactic guide and a MOOC online, both aimed at introducing in the classroom approaches and methodologies of non-formal education to facilitate the adaptation of newly arrived migrants or refugee  in the host country.



Project coordinator :


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