The ALTIUS network

Let us introduce the Altius Network!

This network gathers european organisations that worked together for 18 months on the Altius project. Have a look at the website and its facebook page!


ALTIUS was an international project seeking to bring together EU citizens and citizens of the Candidate Countries in order to become more active in the policy-making process.

The project focused on EU citizens, regardless of nationality, race, gender, age, sexual and other orientation, religion or any other possible discriminatory identity. Its main aim was to raise awareness in local communities and provide citizens with space, time and tools for expressing their views on the EU, and help them understand their role and place in the EU.

The project included partners: K.A.N.E (Greece), Pistes Solidaires Méditerranée (France), International Initiatives for Cooperation (Bulgaria),  European Association « World-Our Home » (Latvia), Europe House Slavonski Brod (Croatia) and YouNet (Italy); and lasted 18 months. Together we attempted to demonstrate that acting locally and for the common good of their local communities, they can actually be thinking about the good of the wider European community, without needing to reconsider their local traditions. The idea of the project was to motivate EU citizens to think internationally while acting locally, to eventually (s)elect the EU they dream for them and for the future generations.

The project consisted of 6 international events and of parallel activities that took place in all partner countries.



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